Why My Brain Hurts

Starting a new job is exhausting.  I should know, I’m doing just that!

There is so much to learn when you start a new job: where is the coffee machine?  How long am I allowed for lunch breaks?  Will I get in trouble if I’m on Gchat and Facebook at work?

Okay, just kidding, those aren’t the important things.  What you really want to learn is who is who (Mark in the corner office does what again?), the scope of your responsibilities, and what your deliverables and objectives are.  If you’re taking over a position from someone else, you also have that person’s shoes to fill (be they big or small).

In my case, the shoes I have to fill are ENORMOUS (and they’re stilettos!).  I am honored and humbled to be replacing a lady who kicks derrière at what she does.  I’ve been working for a week and two days (only three days of which I have spent in the office), and the enormity of what I still need to learn is beginning to dawn on me.

But you know what?  I.  Am.  So.  Thrilled.  I have a lot to learn in this new job, but I know already that it is stuff that I desperately want to know.  I feel like an academic who has just discovered her research passion, or a future tennis star who just picked up a racket for the first time.  This is work that I am meant to be doing.  This is the work that will challenge, delight, stress, frustrate and ultimately reward me.

It’s intimidating, but not daunting.  I know perfectly well that I am capable of learning all that I need to (and then some!) and I know I will do it because I’ve already caught the fever of asking questions, looking things up and informing myself.  I’m also thrilled because I can tell that I will never know *everything* about this job.  It will always change and grow, and force me to remain creative and flexible. What more could anyone ask from a job??

My Hero the CrockPot
The staff, hard at work while I’m at the office.

Of course, all this learning and growing means I am exhausted by the time I get home from the sheer effort of concentration required all day.  Thankfully, I have discovered the CrockPot (or slow cooker), a genius invention by some wonderful person who understood people in my very position.  Tonight, Chico and I will taste our first CrockPot recipe and here’s hoping the veggies aren’t too soggy.

When all your brainpower is used up by the time you get home, it is vital to eat a tasty, healthy meal, relax with your Chico (or Chica, whatever), unwind and recharge your batteries for tomorrow.

Tonight, when you get home, do something to help unwind.  Paint your nails.  Write in your journal.  Watch a silly video online.

But most importantly of all, give yourself a pat on the back for the hard work you’ve done today.  And keep in mind all that you’ve learned, and all that you still have to learn.  And be happy.


(And if you’re in a professional rut–get out of it!)


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  1. Crock pots make complicated Indian recipes easy to use…now if only I could remember where the hell I put mine!

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