Twitter #Hashtag of the Week: #Oscars2013

It’s a little late coming, I know, but the #Hashtag of the week for February 18th through 25th has got to be (what else?) the #Oscars2013!!  Woo-hoo!!  Glamour!  Dresses!  Fashion!  Ridiculously good-looking people!  Awards for mediocre artistry!  Oh wait, no I was kidding about the last one.  To be fair, I have only seen four of the nine nominees for best picture and I never saw “Argo”, so I cannot comment on the winner.  One thing everyone can agree on after the #Oscars2013 is that Jennifer Lawrence has stolen our hearts.

Jennifer Lawrence with her parents
She went to the Oscars with her parents! What’s not to love?

There are many reasons to love Jennifer Lawrence post- #Oscars2013.  For one, she fell up the stairs as she went to collect her award.  Yes, it’s all over the internet, and it seems to be all that people are talking about.  But ladies, how many of us have done this?  Now let’s be honest.  My incident of falling up the stairs to the history building in college, sending my books scattering and my skirt flying over my head as the cute guy in class came up the stairs behind me might not have been on the same epic scale as falling at the Oscars, but I can imagine how she feels.  And I love her for how she owned it.

Another reason to love Jennifer Lawrence is her attitude about being famous.  It’s like she can’t believe this is all happening to her, and is unabashedly star-struck and in awe of the whole experience.  Her post-Oscars press conference is absolutely hilarious, as she answers some pretty silly questions with humility, humor and a great sense of timing.  When asked about “the process” for getting ready for the Oscars, she frankly answers: “I woke up, took a shower, tried on the dress and it fit, thank God, and then I got my hair and makeup done.”  That’s it, folks.  Just like the time you had your hair and makeup done for your cousin’s wedding.  Except, not.

But my all-time favorite J.Law (as the kids are calling her on Twitter) moment of the night was when Jack Nicholson approached her during a post-ceremony interview.  Despite the fact that Jack-Jack was clearly ogling her (creepy Uncle Jack, anyone?), she responded with hilarity and grace.  Her reaction is just what any of us would have: something to the effect of “HOLY CRAP, IS THAT JACK NICHOLSON??”  I would certainly have reacted the same way (okay, I would probably have fainted), and it made me so happy for Jennifer Lawrence to know that she is a regular girl like me, living the dream.

So my #Oscars2013 commentary has turned out to basically be a fan love letter to Jennifer Lawrence.  There were a few other choice moments (hungry on the red carpet).  While I would not have voted for her to win best actress for her role in “Silver Linings Playbook,” I will say: Well done, Ms Lawrence.  It will surely be a pleasure to follow your career (and daydream about swapping situations for a day–like for #Oscars2014).


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