The Lonely Shadow

28. Shadow: Imagine you are someone’s shadow for a day.

I don’t like it when we’re so far apart!
I go all blurry,
And you can barely even tell I’m here.
I feel… Undefined without you near.

You soar so high,
Freedom in your wings.
I imagine the air is cooler up there, the light crisper.
But the higher you go, the weaker I get.

Then you dive. My heart gives a leap!
You race down, my strength builds.
I race up, my outline solidifies.
And finally… We meet!

You flutter your wings to perch.
I reach out my wings to embrace you.
For a brief, heavenly moment,
We’re touching.

The feel of you against me fills me with joy.
I close my eyes and absorb the warmth of your feathers,
The heat of the sunshine radiates from you.
But then, a noise!

Before I know it, you’re gone.
Off up, up, up,
While I remain down here.
Forever in contact with the ground.

How I look forward to nightfall
And the long blissful hours of embrace.


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