The Perfect Weekend

There was nothing special about this weekend. And it was perfect.

You know how it goes.

Weekends are supposed to be relaxing, but they can often be stressful. Whether it’s an activity to get to, a get-together that requires cooking something, or just the pressures we put on ourselves to get stuff done.

No Pressure

This weekend we had absolutely nothing on schedule.

Zip. Zilch. Nada.

On Saturday morning I had to fight the urge to plan something for us. It was a struggle. I often feel the need to fill up our time with outings, activities, whatever.

It was a beautiful morning; would have been perfect for a bike ride. It was cooler, overcast but not raining. An ideal summer day for cycling.

But instead, we didn’t.

Instead, I slept in. We lingered over breakfast. The boys played. I made a picnic.

We went to a park, ate, threw the frisbee, blew bubbles, and then parked ourselves on a playground. Saturday night we had pizza and watched a silly movie.

Today, Sunday, was even more low-key. We didn’t get out of our pyjamas until the afternoon. Pancakes, knitting, reading, trampoline, paddling pool… We had our big meal of the day mid-afternoon.

We did manage to do the things we needed to. We tidied the house, put on a little laundry. I did my hair. Chico struck a couple things off his to-do list.

It was so relaxed.

I feel more refreshed after this weekend than a whole week of vacation. Perhaps it was the good book I started and finished in 24 hours. Perhaps it was the weather.

But I think most of all it was the fact that I wasn’t putting pressure on myself or anyone else to do anything in particular.

With no agenda, nowhere to be, no obligations, neither Chico nor I had any stress about this weekend.

And our extremely sensitive children felt that. They sensed zero anxiety from either of us, and as a result they were totally relaxed.

It feels so delicious, I don’t want it to end.

But let’s not mess with perfection.

So: Bring it on, Monday!

PS I also FINALLY finished the sweater I was knitting. Damn. It really was the perfect weekend.