On a Photo Kick

I went down a rabbit hole today.

Today, without warning or premeditation, I suddenly decided that I ABSOLUTELY HAD to (finally) make baby photo albums for the boys.

You know. That thing I haven’t felt necessary until now was suddenly terribly urgent.

What Started It

I updated my Mac to the latest operating system. You’d think that would have very little to do with suddenly deciding to make a photo album, but it does!

Thankfully, not in a tragic way. My photos weren’t lost or anything (even though I did forget to do a backup before updating).

It was as simple as this: When I rebooted my computer after completing the update, for some reason the Photos app opened on its own.

And there, before my eyes was a selection of photos I haven’t seen in donkey’s years!

Well Then I Couldn’t Stop


Photos from a trip to Greece with a dear friend (shoutout to my crazy Kiwi lady friend!), my brothers’ weddings in 2008, a trip to Ireland in 2009, my masters in the UK from 2010-2011…

(To my credit, I did make a photo album of photos of the Chico and me from our first year together, and of our wedding! So at least I’ve done that!)

Photos of our life in Montreal, Christmases, family vacations, our honeymoon, costume parties, festivals…

But I decided to narrow it down. When I saw the photos of the day our Bug was born (in January. In MONTREAL. It was HELLA COLD), I decided it was time.

Why It Matters

I love being surrounded by photos. Every so often, I’ll go to CVS or Target and print up a bunch. I’ll put some in frames, others in a photo album. Giving photos is one of my favorite holiday gifts. They’re always appreciated!

It matters to me to have printouts of photos of the people I love.

I want the boys to see our family and friends regularly. Even if we live far away, I want them to be familiar with their faces.

Also, I’m paranoid that for some reason, all digital copies of my photos will be lost. I’ve always saved my photos on an external hard drive. Now I have them stored there as well as paying for extra storage in the cloud.

But what’s the point of storing all these digital files if I’m never going to look at them? Hence the sudden and immediate NEED to print up a bunch of pictures.

How I Did It

I googled “best photo book printing websites” and after reading a bunch of different reviews, chose mixbook.com. I made two blank books (not using any template, though there are 500+ to choose from) and was able to design simple but beautiful books of our boys’ first years.

Amazon Prints is also supposed to be good, and a bit less expensive, though they don’t have as nice binding options as Mixbook.

(N.B.: If you sign up on mixbook you get 50% off your first order… So I got two books for the price of one.)

Our books are due to arrive at the end of October. The boys are super excited about their “baby books” (they were only moderately helpful in the process of designing them, but whatever), and I hope that little by little I’ll be able to put together a few more albums.

Honestly, it’s worth the time, effort and money. Nothing beats a good photo book for bringing back memories.