First Knitting Project EVER!

I am SO excited! I have completed my first knitting project ever! It is a momentous occasion!

I taught myself to knit using a little book by Nomis Yarn Co. called Learn to Knit. What is great about this book is they give detailed drawings for both righties and lefties. They list common abbreviations and give a little guide to basic stitches, as well as some starter patterns. I chose the baby blanket.

First Knit 1
Yarn: Plymouth Yarn, Encore Knitting Worsted Weight, 75% acrylic, 25% wool. Color: 0678. Lot: 66848

The needles are US size 9, or 5.5mm. The yarn is machine washable, which is important when it’s going to a little baby!

Let’s not discuss how many times I had to pull it all out and start over again (okay, it was three times). In any case, it was an awesome learning experience and I’m excited to add knitting to my bag of tricks.

First Knit 2
Fancy artsy photo of the finished product

The pattern is a mix of knit and purl to create the patchwork look. The border is a simple garter stitch.

The finished blanket is wrapping up my friend Rosy’s baby and keeping him snuggly for the autumn days to come. I was pretty excited that my first ever knitting project turned out well enough to be able to give as a gift without being ashamed! The color, I suppose, is not very baby, but it was such a beautiful heather green that I couldn’t resist.

Finished blanket, being enjoyed by its adorable new owner, TK.
Finished blanket being enjoyed by its adorable new owner, TK.

After finishing this, I made another crochet chain link scarf in a vintage rose color. The yarn for that turned out not to be as soft as I expected, so stay tuned to learn how I managed to soften it!


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