The Spice of Life

63. Spice: Write about flavors and tastes or a favorite spice of yours.

Sure, I have a favorite spice. And that spice is


Yes. I said eyebrows.

Good eyebrows are what add spice to a person’s face. And right now, big bushy eyebrows are in, for men as well as women!

(Thank goodness! Now these uncontrollable caterpillars on my forehead are actually desirable!)

A Versatile Accessory

Just think what you can do with bold eyebrows! I mean, look at this face:

Everything is right about those eyebrows. Colin Farrell‘s eyebrows suit every occasion.

An Expressive Accessory

Good use of the eyebrows can be devastatingly effective. Just take a look at Jamie Hector here, killing it with his eyebrow game:

And check out Oscar Isaac‘s pathos in this clip:

Would that be possible without those eyebrows?? No. It would not.

A Necessary Accessory

To me, a face without eyebrows is like an under-salted, under-spiced meal. Just… bland.

Now don’t get me wrong: eyebrows can be overdone. I don’t need them dancing all the way over your forehead (cough Jim Carrey I’m looking at you cough).

But big, strong eyebrows can be thoughtful:


They can be alluring:

They can be kinda frightening:

And also… hilarious:

So I’m just going to come out and say it:

I have a thing for eyebrows. Specifically on men.

Eyebrows are the spice of life.