First Day of School Jitters

Tomorrow is the first day of school!

Tomorrow, our big guy, our Bug, our sweet Félix begins kindergarten.

In Germany, preschool is called Kindergarten, so the Bug was a bit confused at first, wondering why he was going to have to start kindergarten again. We’ve gotten used to the new terminology, though, and more than anything we’re excited.

A Strange Start

Since this school year is starting with 100% distance learning, it’s going to be a strange start.

Our neighboring county started distance learning last week, and I read in the paper about the technical glitches and frustrations that many students, teachers and parents encountered.

We presume there will be some fits and starts, but we’ve done everything we can to make sure we’re ready to open up the Chromebook and log right on.

Time Flies

As we prepare for this new phase in our child’s life, it’s struck me forcibly how quickly time flies.

I know we humans take the longest to mature of all the animal kingdom, but I swear it feels like it’s been no time at all. It doesn’t seem possible that our tiny thing has already grown into a school-age kid!

Rip-Roaring Ready

Although it seems like it’s too soon, I know that our boy is desperately ready for school.

He absolutely loved his preK class, and he’s already ablaze with the idea of learning more.

This afternoon, while preparing all the materials his teachers have provided, he opened his poetry folder and promptly read all the poems about animals out loud to me.

The kid is curious and loves to read. I hope he loves school.

Mama’s Ready, Too

Mostly. Connecting for remote learning is going to be pretty involved, and we’ll have a bit of a learning curve.

But assuming the technology works as it should, I’m confident we’ll be able to figure it out.

Mostly I’m confident. I’m also really nervous. And worried. And excited. And sad. And happy… And…


You’d think it was MY first day of school!