Tiramisu Baby Blanket

I’ve just finished my latest project of which I am quite proud: Alicia Paulson’s Tiramisu baby blanket, available over at ravelry.com.  And now, some photos:

Tiramisu blanket 1
Brand: Cascade Yarns. Color: Natural. Ribbon: Offray brand in chocolate brown.

There is some unevenness and I’m not exactly sure why.  My stitch stayed pretty even throughout but I think there’s one row where it got tighter than the others.  Ah well, as my Chico said, “It shows it’s a work of art.”  Hehehehe, or something like that!

Tiramisu blanket 2
Hook size: 5.50mm.

The yarn is ecological wool, and it’s very soft.  The only problem is that it’s not machine washable.  It has to be hand washed in cold water with Woolite or something similar and dried flat.  Probably not the best for a baby blanket, but the quality of the yarn couldn’t be beat.

Tiramisu blanket 3
The ribbon threading was a bit tedious but worth it for the result. Look how cute!

I made the blanket a little bigger than the pattern called for, but I really found it way too small in the original.

Next up in my line of projects, an amazing chain link scarf from Knits for Life.