Summer Vacation

I’m ditching today’s writing prompt because it was about coffee and tea, and I already covered that extensively.

Instead, I’m going to focus on my holiday! Hooray!

Honestly, I’m considering taking a break from the daily writing. I’m finding it hard to fit it into the holiday schedule.

Busy Schedule

We’re in a place with lots of sunlight, few blackout curtains and a hellovalotta birds. We’re lucky if the morning is a little overcast and we can sleep in past 6am.

The days are full. Full of the wonderful things that make a summer vacation.

We’ve been cycling, to the beach, out on Bompa’s Boat, had ice cream… Moments full of pure joy.

We’ve also been busy fixing things up around the house and preparing it for the coming summer season. Cleaning windows, trimming hedges, airing out rugs.

When Evening Rolls Around…

I’m bushed. Just wiped out.

Not the kind of fatigue I feel at home. Often at home it feels like there’s a weight on me.

It’s physical exhaustion. We’re on the go all day, and even though we’re the same four people and we have a lot of the same things to do (cooking, cleaning, laundry, dishes), being in a different environment changes things.

A Special Place

Just being in this gorgeous, special place makes it different. Here, the only worries we have are the here and the now. We’re not thinking about next week, last year, two months from now.

Sometimes I wish we could stay here longer. But that would be like having Christmas every day.

It just wouldn’t be special anymore!

So yeah, maybe I’ll set aside the writing while we’re here. Make it a real holiday.


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