Family Puzzle Time

37. Puzzle: Write about putting together the pieces of puzzles.

Family Christmas holidays. The dining room table at my aunt’s house. Or the kitchen table. Or sometimes the little card table set up in a corner at our house.

It’s usually 1000 pieces. A nature scene, or a rustic painting. Birds of New England. Seashells. The puzzle hardly matters.

The people sitting around. Wandering in and out. Working on a little section here and there. Finding pieces, handing them over.

“Hand me the box lid, would you?”
“Has anyone seen this section of flowers?”
“Here’s your last edge piece.”

Slowly the picture grows in blobs. Blobs start to meet and sections connect. More people congregate around the table as the puzzle comes together.

Then, the final piece. And the smoothing of hands over the completed puzzle. The satisfied feeling of having accomplished something together.

As a family.


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