Chain Link Scarf from Knits for Life

This scarf has been done for a while and it NEEDS to be sent to my friend Katie, but I had to share it with the intertubes first.  Lorna Watt, over at Knits for Life designed this chain link scarf pattern, and I LOVE it!

Chain Link Scarf from Knits for Life
Not the best photo, sorry folks.

The pattern is relatively simple.  For full instructions you can download it from Lorna’s Ravelry shop.  I couldn’t find very thick yarn, so I used a larger hook than the pattern calls for (10mm).  I also made 22 links instead of 18, which is what Lorna recommends.  It needed a few more links to double-up comfortably.  Like this:

Chain Link Scarf Doubled Up
The yarn is nice and stretchy so it fits comfortably!

I used super-soft washable wool, so it’ll be nice and cozy for my girlfriend who’ll be wearing it in chilly Yorkshire.  Katie had mentioned a salmon color interested her, but sadly I couldn’t find anything that was nice.  So it’s in periwinkle blue.  (Does that phrase make anyone else think of Brad Pitt in Snatch?)Brad Pitt in Snatch

There’s not much else to say about this project except that it looks super complicated but it’s actually really easy.  It impressed all the ladies at the Stitch n’ Bitch, and it made me feel badass.

Speaking of badass, this nifty little yarn cutter is a pretty badass crocheting accessory.  I like to call it my ninja star.  Not only is it light-weight and practical, it can also be carried on airplanes!  I like to take it out of my yarn bag to show it to security so they don’t get freaked out when it goes through the x-ray, but it’s never been a problem.

If you like Lorna Watt’s website and patterns, you should check her out on Facebook.  She’s tons of fun.

Happy yarning, friends!

Did anyone notice how I subtly slipped a cute pic of Brad Pitt into a crocheting post?  Yeah.  I’m that good.


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3 thoughts to “Chain Link Scarf from Knits for Life”

  1. I love that yarn cutter! My sister got me the same one a couple Christmases ago for the same reason. Recently I learned you can have scissors with blades under 4 inches on flights. Imagine my glee when the Parisian security guy tried throwing away my scissors and I knew the rules better than he did. I gestured that they were small enough, he disagreed and called his boss over, she took one glance and told him they were fine and to let me go. Oooooh, moded! It felt like such a yarnie victory!

    1. LOL!! You tell that snooty Parisian security guy! The yarn cutter is so heavy, though, that sometimes I think it could actually be used as a weapon. It would make a lethal projectile!

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