The Best Yarn Stores in Montreal


Since joining the Stitch n’ Bitch in Montreal, I have become a yarn snob. The lovely ladies of the S&B morphed me into a knitting fiend, and then into a natural fiber snob. Of course, that means I’ve had the pleasure of exploring the delightful locations where such yarns can be found. Here is a rundown of the top yarn stores in Montreal.

1. Effiloché (closing down as of December 2018)

6260, Saint-Hubert

Effiloché was the first yarn store I visited here in Montreal. It’s at Plaza St-Hubert, a large shopping area (near where I bought my wedding dress, as it would happen!). The location is pretty convenient, an easy walking distance from Beaubien metro station.

The nice thing about this store is that it sells supplies for two similar interests: knitting/crocheting and sewing. They’ve got yarns as well as fabrics. They also have plenty of tools and accessories for both activities. However, I would say that their yarn selection is rather limited, and I also found it expensive. They didn’t have a range of prices including more affordably priced yarns. They offer gorgeous, all-natural yarns, and the higher price is the result.

This might be nit-picking but I found the lighting in this store quite poor. It was dark, and it made it hard to see the yarns and really enjoy their colors.

Both times I visited, I found the staff rather unhelpful. Or, I should say they were unwilling to approach me to offer their help but once accosted by me they were helpful (though somewhat grudgingly). That turned me off a bit from this store, to be honest.

Others have had different experiences here, though.  They also offer classes.

2. Espace Tricot

6050 Monkland Avenue, Nôtre-Dame-de-Grâce

My second yarn store visit was to Espace Tricot on Monkland. From downtown it’s rather a hike to get out here. The nearest metro stop is Villa-Maria on the orange line and then it’s a 15 minute walk or a 5 minute bus ride to the store.

But getting there is worth it. The ladies at this yarn shop really know their stuff and are incredibly helpful. If you have a pattern in mind, I suggest printing it out and bringing with you, as the staff at Espace Tricot are famous for taking a careful look at it with you to help you choose your yarn.

The store itself is well laid-out and brightly lit. The yarn selection is pretty good, and there is a range of prices. They offer some more affordable acrylic, machine-washable blends as well as higher-end all-natural fibers. Their selection of accessories is pretty good, too. They have interchangeable needle kits which are a wonderful investment if you plan to keep up knitting.

The other nice thing about Espace Tricot is their website. They’ve got a great blog with some free patterns, and they’re lots of fun to follow. They also offer classes.

3. Mouliné

5317 Rue Sherbrooke Ouest, Westmount.

This store is right on Sherbrooke Street, easily accessible by the 24 bus or the closest metro stop is Vendôme on the orange line.

Mouliné is like Ali Baba’s cavern for knitters. It is chock-full of yarn. You’ve got all kinds of choice, and a great range of prices. This is probably the yarn store in Montreal with the widest and most varied selection. You can really spend hours in here.

The store is well-lit and vast. They’ve got it pretty well organized by fibers, weights, and colors. They also have a reasonable selection of accessories. The problem with this store is that they’re not overly helpful. The gentleman who runs the store is quite odd, and the lady behind the counter is helpful when you ask her questions, but she doesn’t go out of her way to offer assistance.

Mouliné is a great place to shop for yarn if you know what you’re looking for and don’t need or want particular guidance on a project. Don’t bother visiting their website; it’s horrible. (Update December 2018: Looks like they’ve revamped their website & it’s a lot better.)

4. La Maison Tricotéela-maison-tricotee-logo

751, rue Gilford, le Plateau-Mont Royal.

La Maison Tricotée is wonderfully convenient. It’s right next to the Laurier metro stop on the orange line and is in the heart of the Plateau (my neighborhood).

What I love most about this store is that it’s also a tea room. Céline, its founder and owner, has gone to great lengths to make la Maison Tricotée more than a store: it’s also a community. Céline offers classes, like Effiloché and Espace Tricot, but she also hosts fun events like bingo nights and themed stitch n’ bitch meetings.

So much for the activities. La Maison Tricotée sells high-end, locally made products. Their yarns are often, frankly, gorgeous. The result, however, is that they can be expensive. They do carry some more affordable options, but generally you’re looking at more than $50 for a couple of skeins. Often, though, the price is worth it. (Update: They’ve started their own house line of yarn called “Casa”. I’ve never used it but I hear great things! Check it out on Ravelry.)

The yarns are displayed well, especially on the side wall where they’re all hanging out there just begging you to buy them… Oh the temptation!

The staff are very knowledgeable here, especially Céline and Ariane, both avid knitters. You’ll get good advice on your project here, and you’ll usually learn something new about yarn or knitting every time you come in. Their website and Facebook presence are also a delight.

If you can’t afford to buy something every time you visit, you can at least stay for a cuppa tea (they actually boil the water, it’s not just hot water from the coffee machine).

5. À la Lainerie Lépine

3884 Jean Talon East.

Last on my list is la Lainerie Lépine. I have to confess that this is my least favorite yarn store in Montreal. It’s a hike from d’Iberville metro stop on the blue line, near Avenue Papineau. That’s not really the store’s fault, I guess.

The positive thing is that there is a vast collection, and it’s all pretty much affordable. The ladies who have been running the store are friendly and helpful. The problem, though, is that you have to do a lot of digging to find something good here. You’re guaranteed to come out of this store with a purchase, but if you’re looking for beautiful, luxurious, locally-produced yarns, you won’t find them here.

The Lainerie Lépine was set to close down at the end of April 2014, but the last I heard, a young lady had planned to take it over from the ladies currently running it. If you’re reading this in April 2014, you should head over and see if they still have some great sales on.

And There Are More…

There are other yarn stores in Montreal like À la Tricoteuse on Rachel and la Bobineuse on Mont-Royal, but I haven’t been to either so I cannot comment on them. If you actually come across à la Tricoteuse open, it’s a miracle. Let me know in the comments.

Update January 15th, 2018:

Thanks to commenter Beverley, she’s told us about P’tite Laine in Vaudreuil. Here is the link, for anyone who is interested. Beverley says the shop is new, has a wide selection and a very friendly owner. I no longer live in Montreal, but if anyone checks it out, let me know!


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21 thoughts to “The Best Yarn Stores in Montreal”

  1. There is a store in Ahuntsic, that is probably a year old. I walk by at odd hours (mostly on my way to the Metro Grocery store) so I haven’t been able to enter and browse their merchandise. It is located on Promenade Fleury (on Fleury street EAST). Here are the details: 1583 rue Fleury Est. Montréal (Québec) H2C 1S7. Tél. : 514 796-6972

    There is plenty of parking space nearby, but about 15 minutes by bus from Sauvé Métro station.

    From my “window shopping” experience, they advertise knitting classes and much more. Here is a link from Google search: http://promenadefleury.com/cours-specialises/ecole-boutique-les-tricoteuses-du-quartier/

    I, for one, usually go at Mouliné on Sherbrooke for the wide selection, and because their business hours are more reliable than other stores…

    1. Thanks, Josée! I didn’t know about this store, so I didn’t get to check it out before leaving Montreal. I also visited the one on Mont Royal (the name escapes me right now), just before moving away. It had a small-ish selection, but the staff were very friendly. Mouliné, though, is typically the best in terms of selection and price.

    2. La Mouline knitting shop on Sherbrooke and Decarie is a full and interesting place to buy yarn. The manager is a male who seems to be a peculiar individual who sits in a chair by the window watching the sales personnel and speaks his views and opinions in a condescending manner. The female sales person (writing this on April 12,2017) is unlikeable and unhelpful. Bordering on disrespect towards customers. I would not refer people to the store nor will I return to it. Very unfortunate as the stock is impressive. I am now supporting Espace Tricot on Monkland in NDG. It is a smaller shop and the staff are kind and interested. People skills are more essential to having a successful business and keeping it going than stock and the size of a store.

      1. Hi Maureen, I realized I’d never replied to your comment. I agree; the owner at Mouliné is a little odd. I didn’t really like that he bad-mouthed other yarn store owners in the city. I think of this place as Ali Baba’s cave, or Aladdin’s cave of wonders. If you know what you’re looking for and you don’t really need help, this is a great place to go. They have a large selection, and a good range of qualities and prices. You can browse here for hours and always come away with something delightful. However, if you’re looking for advice or help, this is not the best spot. I once had a young lady staff member who was very helpful, but otherwise I haven’t gotten much good advice from the owner. So, go and browse, but perhaps visit another one of the recommended stores if you’re looking for advice and support.

      2. I attende the Mouline knitting store today and the owner, a Stocky build lady behind the counter, was rude and made me feel like I was disturbing her. I asked relevant questions, I am an intermediate level knitter and she belittled me. I have had been to that store before and had been served by the young lady who works there and got an excellent service but I will never return to that store. I got in my car and I was upset, having been spoken to in such respectful manner. People go back to wool stores because the staff are generally helpful but I will never go back there even though the store is in close proximity to where I live. This is the first time I put a comment on the internet but I wanted to let people know about my awful experience.

        1. I’m sorry to hear about your experience at Mouline, Sonia. As I said in my article, I never found the staff there very helpful, but it’s a great place for looking for a variety of yarns. If you’re looking for friendly and helpful customer service, I highly recommend either La Maison Tricotee in the Plateau, or Espace Tricot on Monkland.

    1. Hi Carolyn! You’re closest bet would be La Maison Tricotée on rue Gilford (click here for directions by public transport). Another option, which is a little farther away, is Mouliné on Sherbrooke Street West (here’s a map for you). La Maison Tricotée is higher-end, a little pricier, but worth it because they have yarns that are to die for (and a lovely tea room to sit and enjoy them). Mouliné has more selection, a wider range of prices and quality, but it’s not in a particularly charming area, and it’s not the kind of place you want to sit and spend a lot of time in.

      I hope this info is helpful, and have a lovely stay in Montreal!

    1. Hi Cynthia, I had never hear of Cowichan sweaters! I’ve done a little research, and it sounds like you need a good, thick animal fiber yarn. Your best bet for a good quality yarn is La Maison Tricotée, Espace Tricot or Mouliné (see the links in my post for info). I think you’ll find the widest selection at Mouliné, but likely you’ll find better quality stuff at Espace Tricot or La Maison Tricotée. You may even have luck at Effiloché, but their selection won’t be as wide. I hope that helps!

    1. Hi K-9,
      It all depends on what kind of pom-pom you want to make! I think you can use any yarn you choose. If you’re making them in bulk for decorative items, I would recommend acrylic or an acrylic blend (readily available at Mouliné or La Lainerie Lepine, or your big surface stores like Walmart or Michael’s). But if you’re adding a pom-pom to a beautiful hat you’ve knit, I would suggest using a matching or complementary color in the same yarn you used for the hat.
      I hope that’s helpful!

    1. Hi, I’m afraid I don’t know what you mean. But if you’re looking for lots of craft items you can check out Michael’s, which has at least two locations on the island.

      1. Michaels is very expensive. Better and less expensive to get quality yarn. Check out how balls of yarn it takes to equal 1 of quality yarn. Also the quantity of wool in ball of yarn

  2. Off island in dorion there a new shop on lotbiniere. Great selection of quality yarns and friendly owner. I go there for all my shopping needs

  3. Hio, I live in Montreal and am in dire search for a yarn called Genmou from a company named Daruma, a Japanese company. As much as I tried I can’t seem to find this yarn anywhere in any Montreal stores. Do ytou know of a place that may sell it?
    (P.S.: I live very close to Espace Tricot on Monkland and have already tried there to no avail. I really love that place!!)

    1. Hi Loretta! Thanks for reading my article. Sadly, I don’t know this yarn and I’m not sure where you could find it in Montréal. However, if you’re on Ravelry there is a great way to look it up! Go to the Yarns page on Ravelry, and search for the yarn. Once you find it, you should see under “availability” information about where you can buy it near you, or alternatively, you should be able to see where you can order it online. Here is the yarn page on Ravelry:

      I hope this is helpful! Happy knitting!

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