Artichoke Dip: The World’s Very Best

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the world’s very best artichoke dip, courtesy of my mother.

  • 1 can artichoke hearts, chopped
  • 1/2 cup grated parmesan
  • 1/2 cup mayonnaise OR sour cream
  • 1 can chopped green chiles

Mix together and heat at 175°C (or 350°F) until bubbly and slightly brown on top (about half an hour).  I like to serve it with pita bread for dipping.

Artichoke Dip
Trust me. It’s scrumptious.

Yup, it is as simple as that!  Can’t believe it?  Oh but you should.  Trust me.  It’s just that good.

A couple of weekends ago, I was invited to a soirée (yes, I go to soirées) and I made up a batch of this dip.  It did not last long.  If you really want to go all out you can make your own mayo, but frankly that would defeat the whole purpose of this dip.

The purpose of this artichoke dip is to impress people with your cooking skills by serving them something SO delicious it has to have taken you hours to cook.  But of course, the reality is that it took you all of 5 minutes to prepare and 30 minutes to bake.

My mother also shared this recipe for a beef casserole which seems like you’ve worked your butt off on this amazing dish but really is about as easy as they come.

I’m going to stop there, though, before I give away all my amazingly delicious easy recipes!  Gotta keep some for when people come over so they can still be impressed.


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