Am I Too Old For This?

I’ve signed up to take an exam.

It’s the Praxis exam, and it is required to become certified to teach English as a second language in Virginia public schools.

Now, I’m no newbie when it comes to teaching English. While I am by no means an experienced teacher, I have done some teaching, both in groups and one-on-one.

I also completed a CELTA certification back in September 2016, exactly four years ago, now! That was an intensive, full-time four week training, and I came away from that feeling pretty confident.

But Holy Crap…

When I started to read over the prep materials for this exam, I nearly flipped out.

I mean, we’re talking about foundations of linguistics, of language learning… All stuff I’ve learned, but haven’t really thought about in four years.

(Plus, this being an American program vs a British program, terminology varies quite a bit!)

Then, I realized that people usually take this exam after completing a bachelor’s degree in education, or even a master’s.

But if I want to try and qualify as an ESOL teacher in VA public schools, I have to take this test in order to apply for a place in a career switcher program!

That seems unfair.

Or maybe I’m just scared…

Scared of failure. Scared I don’t know how to study anymore. Scared I’m not making the right choice.

Maybe, instead of taking this route, I should just look into a TEFL or TOEFL certification? With that, I’d be perfectly qualified to teach in private schools or other private settings.

But is that what I want?

Honestly, I don’t know.

In the meantime, though, I’ve signed up and paid for the exam, so I’d better get cracking.


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