A Sweater for the Bear

I FINALLY finished it! It took me WAY longer than a child’s sweater should take, but I FINISHED IT!

(In my defence, I was a bit distracted by reading, piano, life and Other Things in General…)

But here it is: the Bear’s very own Flax Lite sweater!

He could look happier about it…

I love this pattern from Tincanknits. I made one for the Bug years ago, one for a wee babe born in 2019, and now one for the Bear.


I used KnitPicks Stroll Tonal in color “Eucalyptus”. I like this yarn because it’s a superwash merino (very soft) blended with nylon (very strong), and can be thrown in the washer.*

*Not that I’ve actually blocked it yet. Oh no no no, that would delay the gratification of seeing it on my child!

I used my wooden Knitter’s Pride 16″ circulars for the body. I liked knitting this wool on wood, as it’s quite slippery and the wooden needles are just slightly sticky, helping to keep stitches from sliding off.

For the arms, I used my trusty Addi Clic 32″ interchangeable knitting needles. I used a longer cable and knitted the arms at the same time on magic loop. I’m not crazy about this method, but I like it better than knitting one sleeve at a time.


My gauge probably changed while working on this project. That is because I realized that part of the problem I was having earlier this year with discomfort in my shoulder was probably caused by how I tensioned my yarn!

It was such a small thing, but I thought it might help others, so I made a video and put it on YouTube:

I didn’t bother to start my project again, and was rather cavalier with the gauge. However, it seems to fit the Bear more or less, so let’s not worry about it, shall we?

I am quite proud of how neat the line between my knit and purl stitches is on the sleeve garter stitch panel. That’s thanks to a technique from VeryPink Knits (my knitting guru!).

(If you don’t feel like watching the video, here’s the rundown: whenever you switch from knitting to purling, stop after the first purl stitch. Yarn back, give your yarn a little tug, and then yarn forward and continue purling.)

I may need to unpick the bottom hem and bind it off again, as I bound off a little too tightly. I learned from my mistake and bound off with a needle TWO sizes larger on the sleeves. They’re perfect.


Really, it’s just one modification, singular.

I wanted to make sure the neckline would be as comfy as possible, so I used the VeryPink Knits tutorial below to make it double thick at the collar. It provides a little extra warmth and structure at the top.

Next Up…

After a quick and tacky (I mean cute!) Christmas knit, I’ll tackle a Crazyheart sweater for the Bug.

I remembered I had purchased this pattern along with several others in the TinCanKnits ebook “Heart on Your Sleeve.” It was a campaign to raise money for malaria research, and I bought the ebook with all the wonderful patterns and PROMPTLY FORGOT ABOUT IT.

Now that I have remembered, I’m going to knit ALL THE YOKED SWEATERS!


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5 thoughts to “A Sweater for the Bear”

  1. HI JANE- I’ve been lurking and enjoying reading your posts like a creepster…umm I mean, friend that hasn’t been in touch in too long! This sweater is beautiful, and your Bear is so darling in it. I’ve had my eye on the adult version of this sweater, but have never pulled the trigger. And I cannot wait to see your CrazyHeart sweater- Love this pattern!!

    1. Nanette! How wonderful that you’ve been a creepster! I love creeping! And by that I mean “hearing from old friends”. You should definitely try the adult size! I would try and add some waist shaping, though, because otherwise it might be a bit shapeless. I’m gonna write you an email! Happy Halloween!

  2. I think it’s so fascinating that there are so many different ways to hold your needles and yarn while knitting. I also knit English style, but I don’t tension my yarn like either of the ways you showed in your video! But that’s one of the things I love about knitting; there is definitely not just one right way to do it! If it works and is comfortable for you, then it’s good. 🙂 And the sweater looks fantastic!

    1. Ooh how do you hold your yarn? Can you find a video of someone on YouTube holding it like you do? I’m always curious to see different people’s ways of knitting.

  3. I really had to search for this because apparently the way I do it is not the most common method, haha. But I know that I initially found it by searching for ways to tension yarn years ago, and it’s worked well for me ever since. This is basically how I hold my yarn: https://youtu.be/oLwuA2u1–0

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